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I was born November 1964 in Wołow (Poland) into a family of musicians. My parents are teachers of classical music, my father is a composer. As a child, I learned to play the piano, and I followed my parents’ path into professional music education. In 1983, I finished the Poznan Music High School, receiving the Diploma of Teacher of the Rhythmic Method of Jacques Dalcroze. That same year, I began studying at the University of Music in Poznan at the faculty of Pedagogy of Music, and four years later I received a Master of Arts with the Award of Excellence for all studies and First Prize with Honors for my MA thesis (with faculty distinction). In 1987, I emigrated from Poland to France (for personal reasons) and lived in the Paris region for 19 years. There I taught piano, music theory, solfege and general music in the Conservatory of Music in Nanterre from 1988 to 2002. During the same time I gave private piano lessons to children of some of the Parisian elite. I also stayed deeply involved in the music world because my son began his professional violin education. Soon, the whole family became involved in this intensive training in the Parisian soloist classes, which was obviously the experience that grounded my interest in this career path as a professional sociologist.

In 1996, I enrolled in the sociology doctoral program jointly offered by the Ecole Normale Superieur, the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) and Universit of Paris 8. In parallel with my studies, I began my fieldwork in the world of violinists. My double education in music and sociology gave me the access to this special, exclusive milieu and to be a participant observer. The tools of sociology gave me an outside perspective and framework to analyze this specific world. My musical training gave me the knowledge to understand and distinguish technical musical factors from social processes.


Because my teacher in the sociology department and PhD advisor was Professor Jean-Michel Chapoulie (Sorbonne), a specialist of the Chicago School, my sociology education included intensive training in qualitative methods developed for the sociology of work by Everett Hughes, Howard Becker, and other sociologists in this intellectual tradition. After ten years of research about the socialization of soloists and the career-making process in the artistic elite world, I wrote my PhD thesis La production sociale des violonistes virtuoses (“The Social production of the virtuoso”). I defended it at EHESS in 2006 and received the highest grade (according to the French system). The chief of the PhD Commission was Monique de Saint Martin, a specialist of elite education and close collaborator of Pierre Bourdieu. I prepared my book, Producing Excellence: The Social World of Young Virtuosos based on this research, now in the process of publication.

Since my PhD thesis research, I have been conducting ethnographies of other elite professional worlds in several countries in Europe—France, Germany and Poland, and in the US. In 2003, in order to better understand the phenomenon of career coupling (see in my published work), I began to investigate career paths in the life sciences, with the help of a post-doctoral position jointly located at the EHESS in Paris and the University of Warsaw, and financially supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2008, I obtained a research contract for the study of the mobility of young Polish researchers from The Foundation for Polish Science, called „The Polish Fulbright.“ On the basis of that research contract and my previous ethnography work I wrote the book „Transnational Professional – Mobility and Career of Young Elite of Polish Science“ published by Scholar Wydawnictwo Naukowe (Scientific Editor Scholar) (This book is in Polish, and I am working on the translation into English).

In 2010/2011 I spent one semester in Cambridge, MA, conducting my project “Polish Scientists in America”. My host institution was Department of the History of Science at Harvard and I carried out two ethnographical researches in Harvard life-science laboratories (plant biology and cancer research). Presently I am working on the analysis of all data which I was able to obtain during my scholarship in the US. I am grateful to Kościuszko Foundation for their support of my project.

In May and June 2012 I was visiting professor at FUDAN UNIVERSITY in SHANGHAI – I thought there Globalization and Culture and have amazing time totally devoted to my research, teaching, writing and discovering this part of fascinating China. It was an amazing and very inspiring experience.

Currently, I am an Associate Professor at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Warsaw. I am also a member of the research group “Center for Social Movements” at the EHESS in Paris, and a member of the board of Qualitative Network Section – ESA (European Sociological Association).

In September 2012 I became director of didactics in our Institute (UW) which comport a lot of duties (administrative, organizational etc) – several tasks which I never did… Kind of auto-ethnographical experience of a fool time faculty with several obligations which I consider being my contribution to the community of teachers and students from my faculty. 

My university’s duty as a deputy director ended in 2014. I was back to my research and some teaching. In 2015 (fall semester) I was visiting professor at the Department of the Political and Social Sciences at the University of Cagliari (Sardinia). In Spring 2016, I was a visiting scholar at the New School for Social Research in NYC - as a Kościuszko Foundation awardee. I conducted my research on “The Stroke -1968” the results of the State Pogrom that took place in 1968 in Poland (I am working on the book presently). I focused on scholars and intellectuals who were pushed to leave Poland as stateless persons after the huge anti-Semitic campaign. For this project, I was pleasure to be hosted by Jeffrey Goldfarb. 


When I worked in the US, my book “Producing Excellence…” was just published.  I feel privileged to be reviewed by the best experts in the domain ever: Howard Becker and Paul DiMaggio. In the first months of 2016  I did some presentations of my book. I was invited by Paul DiMaggio for his first seminar of Cultural Sociology at New York University (NYU) - conducted together with Iddo Tavory; it was a fascinating seminar on methods/ethnography. 


From mid 2016 I moved to Sardinia (Italy) permanently - the goal was to focus on writing. 

Keeping my teaching at Warsaw University (I was a Ryan-air professor) I really enjoyed my new place of life and the peaceful environment, which thanks to my family support, was beneficial for my writing. What I did not expect, was the development of my last fieldwork in the area of forced migration studies. As Sardinia is an area of Southern Italy, where some refugees camps were open, I volunteered in. After this experience, I developed my research in that field (I was supported by NCN - National Center of Science in Poland) and my last publications are related to this huge emergency issue. 


I had a pleasure to be a PhD advisor for two already PhD scholars. My first PhD student - dr Beata Kowalczyk, is actually on her post-doc contract at Todai - in Tokyo - Japan, but a tenure track position (earned in a competition) is waiting for her at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Beata did an amazing and unique research on Japanese classical musicians in Europe. It was a double phd with Sorbonne University in Paris (Paris 1) and double supervision with Marie Buscatto.  

My second promoted PhD student is my young colleague at Collegium Civitas - Mariusz Finkielsztein. He researched in a very new area in sociology - boredom studies, working on the academic boredom - fascinating research. Immediately after his PhD Exam, Mariusz was hired on a tenure track position (Adjunkt) as did my I am very proud of both of them and I am waiting for their both books with impatience!    


In 2019 I changed my institutional homes. In Poland, after 12 years of being hired on various contracts (never permanent- the precarity was the rule) at Warsaw University, I moved to Collegium Civitas - the cooperative university, created by Polish Academy of Science in 90s. I am happy there to start this year my teaching with the international students, who are originated from various parts of the world. In my whole teaching experience, I did the majority class with the international public (Erasmus students) and this is that cultural mixture that I always enjoyed a lot - a constant challenge and my own progress, while I am learning from them a lot!



In France I moved to another laboratory - DynamE is a European team of researchers situated at the University of Strasbourg and is composed from scholars affiliated with CNRS (French National Center for Research) and different universities. I am happy to exchange with this large team working on migrations and specialized in the biographical approach. 

My second very important affiliation is with the Institute Convergence Migration in Paris. This institution was created recently - as a project supported by College de France - for bringing the space of exchange to all migration specialists: sociologists, historians, anthropologists, demographers, political scientists, lawyers, medical doctors etc. This is a new type of institution that hosts all kind of professionals working in large area of migration studies - without disciplinary divisions. 


2020 is for me a year of changes. Spring semester - at Sapienza in Rome (Department of Social Psychology) as a visiting professor - an amazing experience of Italian large class magistral courses and classical PhD seminars with young scholars in Migration Studies. 

In June my last book - “Bauman: a Biography” (Polity Press) will be in the bookshops. Since February I am the fellow of Bauman Institute in Leeds. 


I am sharing my time between writing and researching - and some teaching. This is an ordinary life of a scholar. 


My last field however, requires huge engagement. Refugees life (by refugees I mean people who are exiled - not only those who obtained the document of a refugee) in Europe became my main research/human/citizen commitment (see my last publications). Monique Pinçon-Charlot in her interview (2015 -  said that she is an activist, because she is a sociologist and good sociology cannot be cut from engagement. This is also my case. 

As a sociologist, as an ethnographer, as a citizen, European, a human. 








Institute of Sociology

Collegium Civitas

Warsaw / Poland 



Institute Convergence Migrations / Paris 



DynamE - Dynamiques Européennes L'UMR 7367

CNRS-Université de Strasbourg


The Bauman Institute






Habilitation (in Poland -a scientific title) -18 December 2012 – Warsaw University –title of 

book defended as a habilitation thesis: „Becoming Transnational Professional. Kariery i mobilno.. 

polskich elit naukowych“ ed. Scholar. Warszawa, 2011; [Career and geographic mobility of 

Polish elites of sciences]. 

Doctor in sociology (PhD) - Mai 2006 - EHESS in Paris. [Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences 

Sociales / Paris] School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences - Title of PhD thesis: La production 

sociale de violonistes virtuoses.“; [Social Production of Virtuosos] - 446 pages. 

Jury: Jean-Michel Chapoulie (PhD advisor), Monique de Saint Martin (president), 

Anne-Marie Green, Rémy Ponton, Daniel Bizeul. 

Mention: très honorable avec les félicitations du jury [very honorable with congratulations – the 

highest mention at EHESS]. 

1997- 2003 – Doctoral training in sociology at EHESS in Paris (GETI) 

1996 -1997 – DEA in sociology (Diplome d’Etude Approfondie – actual Master 2) – specialty 

„Institutions, Travail et Education dans le monde contemporain” [Institutions, Work and Education 

in the Contemporary World] joint PhD program -EHESS, ENS [Ecole Nationale Supérieure] and University Paris 8. Title of MA Thesis: Les déterminants de l’orientation des enfants vers l’école de musique en Pologne. [The Determinants of the decision, which concern 

classical music education – the case of young children in Poland]. 

1983- 1987 – MA in Pedagogy of Music at the University of Music in Poznan (Poland) MA thesis 

title: „Metoda Rosalii Chladek w ksztalceniu nauczycieli rytmiki” [The Method of Rosalie 

Chladek in the professional education of music teachers.] Summa cum laude. 

1986 – Baccalaureate and Professional Music High School Certificate – Poznan - Poland; Mention 

– Award of Excellence in Pedagogy of Music 



Polish and French – bilingual 

English – fluent 

Italian - spoken, reading 

Russian – spoken, reading 



1.From January 2018 to December 2019 - 24 months research contract - NCN - (National Center 

for Research - University of Warsaw/Institute of Sociology - director of the project - PI) 

2.From 2008 to 1 January 2018 – Associate Professor – University of Warsaw, Poland, Faculty of 

Philosophy and Sociology – Institute of Sociology 

3. From 5th January to the 2nd February 2017 - Visiting Professor at EHESS, Paris, France 

4. Spring Semester 2016 - Visiting Scholar, The New School for Social Research, NYC, USA, 

5. Fall semester 2015 - Visiting Professor, Cagliari University, Italy, Dipartimento di Scienze sociali 

e delle instituzioni. 

6 From March 2013 - associate researcher in Cagliari University (department of Political and Social 


7. From September 2012 to October 2014 - deputy director for didactics – Institute of Sociology 

Warsaw University (according to the UW rules - (one term of 2 years possible) 

8. From 2009 to 2012 – Associate Researcher at EHESS / CEMS in Paris (School for Advanced 

Studies in Social Sciences/ Center for Study of Social Movements) 

9. Spring Semester 2012 – Visiting Professor at School for Social Policy and Development – 

FUDAN University, Shanghai, China 

10. Fall semester 2010/2011 – Visiting Scholar at the Department of the History of Science at 

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA/ USA 

11. 2008-2009 – Researcher Evaluator -contract with Foundation for Polish Science; project: 

“Mobility and Career of Young Polish Researchers – [Qualitative Methods]” 

12. 2007 (January/December) post-doc in the multidisciplinary center of French-Polish research 

Centre Michel Foucault (EHESS/Paris and University of Warsaw) – scholarship of French Ministry 

of Foreign Affairs 

13. 2006 October – 2007 January – coordinator of multidisciplinary doctoral school –French- 

Polish Center of Research (EHESS/Paris and University of Warsaw) 

14. 2004-2007 - associate researcher in Action Collaboration International - Paris 1 Sorbonne 

15. 2002 / 2004 – Lecturer - Institut Supérieur d’Intervention Sociale (ISIS) [Institute of Social 

Intervention] - Neuilly sur Marne / France 

16. 1999/2001 – Lecturer – University of Rouan and Conservatory Regional of Music (France) 

17. 1990/2000 – Music Teacher in Conservatory of Music in Nanterre (France) 1988/89 – Piano 

Teacher - Paris 

18. 1986/87 Assistant Professor – University of Music in Poznan / Poland 


1. 2015/16 – Kosciuszko Foundation Visiting Scholar - 4 months scholarship at The New School 

for Social Research in New York City 

2. 2014- Award of Rector of the Warsaw University (for the investment in the position of director 

for didactics). 

3. 2012-Award of Rector of the Warsaw University (for book Becoming Transnational Professional). 

4. 2011 – Scholarship from Swiss National Science Foundation – SCOPE for East-european researchers 

- ESA conference in Geneva, September 2011. 

5. 2010 – Kosciuszko Foundation Visiting Scholar - 5 months scholarship at Harvard 

6. 2007 -Scholarship of French Ministry of Foreign Affairs -post-doctoral position in Center 

Michel Foucault - EHESS/Paris and Warsaw University 

7. 1987 Mention: Award of Excellence -Summa cum Laude- for graduated study and Prize of 

Excellence for MA thesis - Music University in Poznan 

8. 1986 - Special Award from the Ministry of High Education of Poland (Excellence Prize) 





Fothcoming: “Zygmunt Bauman - a Biography”  (2020) - Polity Press

Producing Excellence – Making of a Virtuoso (2015). Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, 

NY, USA. (book 250 p.) Book reviewed in: Revue de Sociologie Francaise, OPUS, SociologieS 

- French Sociological Journals; Sociologica - Italian Sociological Journal; The New Republican 

- US general press; Bookreview - US general books review;


A).Chinese Simplified: 2016 - ⾳⾳乐神童加⼯⼯⼚⼚  Published by Normal University in Shanghai

Winner on the list of Top 10 Books in Social Sciences in 2016 in CHINA - reviewed in several main general press 

(among other Daily China) and in sociological press. 

B) Russian: 2019 -  “Создание виртуозов . Через тернии к звездам : как рождаются виртуозы ” Eksmo - Moscow. 

C) French version prepared for a publisher. 



Becoming Transnational Professional. Mobilność i kariery polskich elit naukowych (2011)

i kariery polskich elit naukowych 

Wyd. Scholar Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Warszawa Poland [Career and geographic mobility of 

Polish elites of sciences, 294 p]. Reviewed in Przegl.d Socjologiczny (Polish sociological journal). 





2019 -in co-authorship with Philippe Saffray; “Impossible Agape: a Fieldwork in the World of Refugees and the Limits to the Researcher’s 

Role” in Sociologia, [2019 Fall] 

2017. in co-authorship with Mariusz Finkielsztein and Agata Czarnacka; “Being Polish scientists 

and women - between glorious past and difficult present: The ‘reverse dynamic of equality construction’: 

in European Educational Research Journal, SAGE, 

2017 - “Double absence: Sayad–Bourdieu – case study wspó.pracy naukowej” , „Studia Litter-

aria et Historica”, ISSN: 2299-7571 

2016. “Quand Agape est en train de mourir… Le cas d’étude extrême d’une société ‘post-communiste’” 

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2015: “Between Double Absence and Transnational Professional - the unrevealed side of scientific 

mobility” in Revista Comunicação e Sociedade; Minho University, Portugal, open access: 

2014. “Kariera naukowa w Polsce. Czy obecny model sprzyja wyłanianiu i awansowaniu ‘najlepszych’
naukowców?” (Scientific Careers in Poland. Is the Current Model Conducive to the 

Selectoin and Promotion of the ‘Best’ Scientists?”) in Przeglad Socjologiczny, t. LXIII/3, 2014. 

(pp. 39-64) 

2012 „Selektywna analiza problemu publikacji humanistów i przestawicieli nauk spo.ecznych w 

j.zyku angielskim“ w Przegl.d Socjologii Jako.ciowej / Qualitative Sociology Review in Polish, 

luty 2012; acceded: http:/ PSJ_8_1_Wagner.

pdf (Selective analysis of the obligation of communication in English language - Polish social 

and humanities researchers) 

2012. “Odpowiedź na polemikę, czyli więcej na temat publikacji w języku angielskim w zagranicznych

czasopismach przez polskich specjalistów nauk społecznych i humanistycznych“.w

Przegląd Socjologii Jakościowej/ Qualitative Sociology Review in Polish; lipiec 2012. (The response for the 

polemic about the publications in English by Polish social scientists). 


2011. „Geniusz czy businessman? Sprzężenie karier drogą sukcesu w nauce.“ in Stan Rzeczy,Wwa, Wydawnictwo UniwersytetuWarszwskiego, Human and Social Sciences Journal in Polish (Genius or businessman? Career Coupling as a success strategy in sciences.; pp. 12-76, October, 


2010 . “ Teaching the Art of Playing with Career-Coupling Relationships in the virtuoso World”, 

Studies in Symbolic Interaction, eds. Norman Denzin, (pp. 147-171, October, 2010). 

2010. „Jak badać procesy mobilności zawodowej? Kluczowa rola etnografii w powstaniu nowejpropozycji teoretycznej odnośnie socjologii mobilności.“

In Studia Humanistyczne. Polish Journal 

with peer review (pp: 41-56). 


2009. “Coupling career fairy tail ‘Fascinating Sociology Class’. How to teach sociology -the 

sociology of sociology?” in Qualitative Sociology Review, on-line peer reviewed review; December, 

2009 – reviewed 10th March, 2010. ENG/ 

Volume14/QSR_5_3_Wagner.pdf ; 


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Western (France) and Eastern (Poland) Europe“ in Creativity from a Global Perspective, Creative 

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2006 - „Le Travail Artistique peut-il être un modèle d'occupation au 21e siècle? Remarques sur 

l'utilité d'une recherche ethnographique dans le milieu des virtuoses .“on-line: www.laboratoire- 


2005. “ Usages et apports de l’analyse comparative ethnographique dans sa dimension internationale” 

in Ethnographie du travail artistique: éléments de réflexion épistémologique -Les 

Cahiers du Laboratoire Georges Friedmann n°14. Paris, la Sorbonne /CNRS. France 


2004 1. «Le double rôle de chercheur dans le cadre de l’observation participante. Comment 

étudier son propre milieu? » ; Cahiers de Recherches de Journées Doctorales de l’Université 

Paris VIII – Sciences Humaines. Paris, France. 


SCIENTIFIC REPORTS (audit of scientific institutions) 

2013. The report on the Evaluation of the Polish-Swiss Research Program (PSPR) - internal publication 

for OPI -Swiss Research Bilateral Founding (47 pages) -co-author Mariusz Finkielsztein. 

(OPI is Polish institution for research grant management - part of the Ministry of Higher 

Education and Scientific Research). 


2009. Research Rapport „Careers and Mobility of the Laureates of Foundation for Polish 

Science“; FNP – short version on-line 




Research interests: 

Functioning of the elite international professional worlds: international (plural-ethnic) 

culture of work, cultural/ethnic/national differences and discriminations; transnational 

professionalism, mobility in the life-science -transmobility; socialization within international 

elite researcher world, careers of intellectuals and artists and specifically, the process of coupling 

careers (interaction between the careers of collaborators – equal and unequal positions); careers 

of scientists‘ partners with particular focus on gender component and distribution of roles in dual 

careers; sociology of migration; biographies/careers of intellectuals; interactional dynamics in 

the relations refugees—- host in the situation of the last “crisis of refugees”. 


Research projects: 

1. HOPE - Hosting Outsiders - Permutation of European Identity. NCN (National Center for Research - Poland; OPUS 13- competition; 24 months 

project - [120.000E]. 

2. 2016 - Kosciuszko Foundation scholarship supporting the project “Polish Scientists in America 

- political emigrations: 1968 and 1981” – affiliation with The New School for Social Research 

-New York City - [12.000 $] 

3. 2013 Research /evaluation of Polish/Swiss research projects – via OPI (Center for Scientific 

Information – depending from Polish Ministry of Higher Education) [7.000$] 

4. 2010/11 Kosciuszko Foundation scholarship supporting the project “Polish Scientists in 

America” – affiliation with Harvard University [14.100 $]. 

5. 2009 – GRANT - Nr N116 367037 Ministry of Science and Higher Education - Poland: “Socialization 

within an international elite of young students from Faculty of Biology at Warsaw 

University, involved in activity of Young Molecular Biology Researcher Association (Ko.o 

Naukowe) preparing MIT competition (ethnography with two sociology MA students). Project - 

leader. [50.000PLN – 12.000 Euros] 

6. 2008/2009 - research contract with FNP [Foundation for Polish Science] - „Mobility and Career 

of Young Polish Researchers“ – 115 interviews with Polish researchers returning after their 

foreigner experience (all disciplines included – however majority life-science specialists). I was 

the Project Leader – the book based on that research was published in 2011. [20.000$] 

7. January 2006 -July 2010 the ethnography in International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology 

in Warsaw; institutional changes (from national into international); socialization with international 

culture of work; mobility of researchers. 

8. 2006 –20011 -associate researcher CEMS / EHESS Paris [Center for Social Movement at 

EHESS Paris – mixed research unity CNRS and EHESS]; project brain 

drain of Polish scientists (interviews). 

9. 2004-2007 -associate researcher in Action Collaboration International -Paris 1 Sorbonne 

(Marie Buscatto - coordinator); research on artistic professions; France; 

10. December 2003 – December 2004 ethnography of the life-sciences laboratory in Saclay France 

(Comity for Atomic Energy), after 2005 punctually séances of observation and interviews 

(multipart focused interviews -career and geographical mobility of scientists -longitudinal 

project includes short observations in international laboratories situated in Germany 


11. 1997-2005 -member of GETI -Groupe de Recherche Enseignement, Travail, Institutions– 

University Paris 8 / EHESS/ Ecole Normale Superieure [Group of Research– Education, Work 

and Institutions]. Ethnography of violin virtuoso world (European fieldwork – multisided 

ethnography realized in France, Poland, Germany, Spain, Italy); original research of violin virtuoso 

-music international elite [PhD thesis (in French), „La production sociale de virtuoses“, 

EHESS, 2006; book published in 2015 by Rutgers University Press (in English) „Producing Excellence. 

Making of a Virtuoso“. 

12.Since 2008 -each academic year -a Research grant for conducting personal projects 

(1000-2000 Euro per year) - Institute of Sociology, Warsaw University: a) 2008/2009 – research 

seminar – „Ethnography of Erasmus Students“ – culture and activity of foreigners’ students in 



2017 - spring semester - University of Warsaw: 

1. Tradition of Chicago School and Social Problems - MA students in English 

2. The sociology of the Creative Occupations – course MA 

2017 - January - VISITING PROFESSOR at EHESS, Paris, invited seminars - sociology of culture; 

history of sciences. 

2015/2016 - VISITING PROFESSOR at Cagliari University - Qualitative Methodology 

2014/2015 - Warsaw University – Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology / Institute of Sociology 


1. 2 semesters seminar for PhD students - qualitative methods 

2. Work in Contemporary Society - seminar for MA students 

3. Sociology of Careers - Careers of sociologists - MA students in English 1 semester 

4. Tradition of Chicago School and Social Problems -MA students in English 1 semester 

2013/2014 - (UW/IS) 

1. The careers of sociologists - careers in sociology - course MA in English 1 semester 

2. The sociology of the Creative Occupations – course MA 1 semester 

3. Tradition of Chicago Sociology (in English) – course MA1 semester 

4. The sociology of the voluntary work - workshop in the shelters for dogs – course MA 1 semester. 

5. Sociology Passport for Life – Institutional marketing – workshop – 1 semester 

6. Contemporary Polish Society – 2 semesters seminar for PhD students – co-teaching with dr 

hab. Małgorzata Jacyno 

2012/2013 - (UW/IS) 

1.The sociology of the Creative Occupations (in English)– course 1 semester 

2. Sociology of Excellence ( in English) – course 1 semester 

3.Tradition of Chicago Sociology (in English) – course 1 semester 

4.Universities Today (In English) – course 1 semester 

5. Sociology Passeport for Life – Institutional marketing – workshop – 1 semester 

6. Contemporary Polish Society – 2 semesters seminar for PhD students – co-teaching with dr 

hab. Małgorzata Jacyno 

7.Academic Skills – Writing Grants and Research Projects (lectures for PhD’s) 

2011/2012 - (UW/IS) 

1.The sociology of the Creative Occupations – course 1 semester 

2. Sociology of Excellence ( in English) – course 1 semester 

3.Tradition of Chicago Sociology (in English) – course 1 semester 

4. Seminar MA – Human capital and work relations (with prof. Wiesława Kozek). 

VISITING PROFESSOR– Fudan University Shanghai, China 

5. Globalization and Culture – seminar - (in English) 2010/2011 - (UW/IS) 

1.The sociology of the Creative Occupations 

2. Sociology of Excellence ( in English) 

3. Seminar MA – Human capital and work relations (with prof. Jacek Raciborski). 

4.Academic Skills – Writing Grants and Research Projects (lectures for PhD’s students) 

2009/2010 - (UW/IS) 

1.Erasmus Students Ethnography – (research seminar in English) 

2.“Our Polish Society” – (lecture for Erasmus Students – in English) 

3. Qualitative Methods (in Polish) 

4.The Sociology of Art and Culture (in French) 

5. Academic Skills – Writing Grants and Research Projects (lectures for PhD’s students) 

2008/2009 - (UW/IS) 

1. [Tradition of Chicago School]- (teaching in Polish) 

2. [The Sociology of Artistic Occupations]- (in Polish)3. 

Erasmus Students Ethnography – (in English) 

4. [The French society in Social Sciences]- (in French) La société française dans les sciences sociales. 

5. [Sociology of Work] (in Polish) - at Faculty of Economics Warsaw University 

2007/2008 - (UW/IS) 

6. [Empirical Sociology in France] (in French) - La sociologie empirique en France. 

2006/2007 - (UW/IS) 

7. [French and American Sociology – reciprocal influences] (in French) - Sociologie française et 

américaine – influences réciproques 

2003/2004 – several lectures devoted to the methodology (qualitative methods) and „Sociology 

of Chicago” (in French) – Institute of Social Intervention - ISIS (Institut Supérieur d’Intervention 

Sociale in Neuilly sur Marne - France) MA students 

1999/2001 – Methodology of Pedagogy of Music – Conservatory Superior of Music/ Rouen/ 

France (BA students)

1988/2000 – theory of music, solfège, piano and Dalcroze’s rhythmic in Conservatory of 

Music in Nanterre and Levallois-Perret / France 

1986/87 – Pedagogy of Music at University of Music in Poznan (Poland) 




PHD THESIS - Beata Kowalczyk (February 2018) “European Careers of Japanese Musicians”- 

co-tutel with Paris Sorbonne - best grade on the final exam

MASTER THESIS - 23 finished and 3 in progress 

LICENSE THESIS - 4 finished and 2 in progress 



From 2012 September to October 2014 – deputy director for didactics; Institute of Sociology, 

Warsaw University - (single 2 years term is a rule in IS-UW) 

2009/2010 – the head of research project “Socialization of Polish Biology Students within the 

International Professional Culture” - GRANT MNiSW- Nr N116 367037 

& Organization of visits of French and American Sociologists (among others Michael Burawoy, 

Claude Rosental. Deborah Stone, Michel Villette) 

2008/2009 – the head of research project „Mobility and Career of Young Polish Researchers” 

for Foundation for Polish Science & Organization of visits of French and American Sociologists 

(among others Jean-Michel Chapoulie, Michel Villette, Howard Robboy) 

2007 (January to December) – organization of teaching and coordination of research projects 

of Centre Michel Foucault [Center for Research in Social Sciences - EHESS/Paris and University 

of Warsaw] post-doctoral position scholarship of French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Organization 

of visits of French and American Sociologists (among others Jeanne Favret- Saada, Daniel 

Bizeul, Robert Faulkner) 

2006/2007 organization of Multidisciplinary PhD School - EHESS/Paris and University 

of Warsaw (Centre Michel Foucault) Organization of visits of French Sociologist (among others 

Michel Villette, Celia Bense) 

Additionally, I am member of European Sociological Association (ESA) 

The member of the board of 20th Research Network (Qualitative Methods Network) since 2011 

to 2017. 



Cultural Sociology 

Qualitative Sociology Review 

Q & Q Methods (Quantitative and Qualitative Methods) 

European Journal of Migration 

Research Evaluation 

Swiss Sociological Review 

Migration Studies 

Stan Rzeczy 

Przegl.d Socjologii Jako.ciowej 

Konteksty Spo.eczne 

Stan Rzeczy 

Studia Humanistyczne 




(including teaching Erasmus: Minho University in Braga/Portugal; Cagliari University in Sar-

dinia/Italy; and visiting professor at Fudan University -Shanghai -China and EHESS/Paris/ 


1. 2001 : « Ksztalcenie muzyczne we Francji » Conférénce Internationale de la Pédagogie Musicale 

– Zielona Gora, Poland Uniwersytet Zachodni . 

2. 2003 : "Too close to see or too familiar to perceive: specific problems linked to fieldwork attachment”, 

invitation International Ethnography Conference at PENN University -"Fieldwork 

Encounters and Discoveries: Being Here and Being There." Philadelphia 6-7 November - US 

3. 2004 : « Carrières couplées dans le monde des arts et des sciences », Colloque OPUS, sociologie 

des arts, sociologies des sciences ; Novembre 2004 Toulouse, Université le Mirail - France. 

4. 2004 : « Sprz..enia karier w .rodowiskach intelektualnych », invitation of Kolo Naukowe 

Socjologii Kultury, University of Warsaw, 16th Mars 2004. Poland. 

5. 2005: «Kontekst powstania Domination Masculine Bourdieu », Mars 2005, PhD Workshop – 

Theories of Sociology – Warsaw University. Poland. 

6. 2005: „Teoria Sprzezania Karier”, invitation of Association of Sociologist fro Lodz University 

14 04. Poland. 

7. 2005: „Coupling Career. Making Career in the Virtuosos and Scientists Worlds” – International 

Conference of North Centre Sociological American Association - Symbolic Interaction 

and Ethnographic Research – Pittsburgh, PA. April 2005. USA. 

8. 2005: “Génie et les perceptions des virtuoses: l’ethnographie de l’élite du monde des musiciens 

classiques”, invitation Laboratoire Friedmann - Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, lecture 

with Natalie Heinich 5 /10/05 - France. 

9. 2005: „Contexte d’élaboration de concepte de carrières couplées” Internationale Conference of 

European Sociological Association – Torun, September 2005, Poland. 

10. 2006 : „Ksztalcenie tozsamosci czlonkow miedzynarodowych elit. Interacjonalizm zawodowy- 

pomiedzy dyskursem a praktyka.” Sociological conference „ In the circle of Interpretative 

Sociology – applying Qualitative Methods. Postmodernity and Identity“ University of 

Szczecin, 3-5 04 2006. Poland 

11. 2006 : « Conducting the research in the international milieus: fieldwork in the global 

professional milieus - the case of scientists (physicians) and virtuosos (violinists). » 

Second International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry – University of Illinois - Urbana 

– Champaign, Il; 4-6 May, USA. 

12. 2006: „Teaching the Art of Playing… Relationships. Socialization of virtuosos.” Symbolic 

Interaction & Ethnographic Research Conference; Niagara, On., 16-18 May, Canada. 

13. 2006 : « The Artistic Work - the Model of Professions and Occupations in the 21st Century? 

Benefices of ethnographic researches in the virtuosos world in the study of professional world 

functioning. » Conference International devoted to the artistic work; Paris - la Sorbonne, 21 September, 


14. 2006: „Travail Ethnographique dans les univers clos.“ Introduction to the presentation of the 

work by Daniel Bizeul and his book „Avec ceux du FN: Un sociologue au Front National“; Institut 

of Philosophy at Warsaw University, 10/11/06, Poland. 

15. 2007: invitation – PhD student’s Workshop / German/French Center for Research -Marc 

Bloch / EHESS and Humboldt University in Berlin /5-7 July; Germany. 

2007: „Brain drain -carrières prestigieuses ou précaires ? La mobilité internationale de 

chercheurs en sciences de la vie.” Journees Internationales de Sociologie du Travail – London, 

20-22 June 2007, Grand Britain. 

16. 2007: „Understanding “Brain Drain” process: the relevance of Ethnography in the study of 

the elite world of The Life Sciences researchers.“ European Sociological Association Conference; 

Glasgow, 3-6 September, Grand Britain. 

17. 2007: „Konstruowanie „mi.dzynarodowej“ badacza nauk biologicznych.“ Konferencja 

Polskiego Towarzystwa Socjologicznego, „Co nas ..czy – co nas dzieli“ Uniwersytet 

Zielonogórski 13-15 September, Poland. 

18. 2008: „The Participants as Research Team Members in the RPAC Method The Ethnography 

of Life-Science-Laboratories”, Couch-Stone Symposium and International Congress of Qualitative 

Inquiry May 15-17, University of Illinois, Urbana, USA. 

19. 2008: “What is “genius” in arts and ‘brain drain’ in life-science? The relevance of Chicago 

School heritage in the studies of professional elite-worlds“, Qualitatives 2008, Fredericton, NB, 

22-25 May; Canada. 

20. 2008: „Coupling career fairy tail ‘Specific Sociology Class’”, Teaching Qualitative Methods 

– Conference International of ESA – Research Network 20, LODZ- 15-17 September, Poland. 

21. 2008: Seminar (invitation) – The Specificity of Work in the International Laboratory Team, 

International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, 13/November; Warsaw, Poland. 

22. 2009: “How to manage Scientists? Lab-leader’s job – tricky task” International Conference – 

Management in Sociology, Pedagogy and Psychology; Poznan, 24-26 March; Poland. 

23. 2009: Lecture (invitation) -"Laboratory researcher -Transnational Professional? Between 

national and international Culture of Work in the basic research in life-sciences.” Faculty of Sociology, 

Harvard University [Sociology of Technology and Science], 22 April; Boston, MA, 


24. 2009: "An Ethnography of International Professional Worlds" Symbolic Interaction And 

Ethnographical Research Conference 01/03 May; Waterloo, ON, Canada. 

25. 2009: Key Speaker -How to study the social worlds of Transnational Professionals? Research 

workshop/conference- Mozaiki Przestrzeni Miedzynarodowych- Teorie. Metody. 

Zjawiska. 08/09 May - Krakow, Poland. 

26. 2009: RPAC [Research with Participant’s Active Collaboration] Method - Ethics and Politics 

in Qualitative Methods - Collegium Civitas, 8-10- June Warsaw, Poland. 

27. 2009: “How the Micro killed and rebuilt up the Macro - Different Theoretical perspective in 

the Sociology of Mobility” – European Sociological Association Conference – Lisbon, 3-6 September, 


28. 2009: Key Speaker- “The Careers of Polish Women in Life-Science” – Krakow, Jagiellonian 

University, 22 Octobre. Krakow, Poland. 

29. 2009: Invitation- “We are all Europeans! - “Kultura Europejska”, “Kultura Polska”- “Kultura 

W.asna“ w dyskursie studentów programu Erasmus w Warszawie. » -– conference « Kultura 

Wlasna – Kultura Obca » - 23 Octobre, Bialystok, Poland. 

30.2009 : Invitation, “Transmobility – Mobility in the Career of a Laboratory Researcher”; “Between 

national and international - Culture of Work in the basic research in life-sciences” Confer-

ence-Workshop -“Mobility -Science and Culture”, Institute of Social Science University of 

Minho, 22/23 Novembre – Braga, Portugal 

31. 2010 : Invitation from the Commity of PhD’s Students (Samorz.d Doktorantów) IBB & Instytut 

Nencki PAN as well as PhD students from Biology Faculty at Warsaw University (Campus 

Ochota) „Mobilno.. w karierach biologów“- Warszawa, 05-02-10. 

32. 2010 : Invitation – participation in the radio broadcast „Klub Trójki“ devoted to the PhD students 

in Poland – 08-02-10 - Warszawa 

33. 2010 : Invitation – conference Creative Career – Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Denmark, 

10-12 May, 

34. 2010: Seminars (invitation) – Minho University Braga (Portugal), Erasmus Mundus, 30 May- 

3 June. Visiting Professor short term. 

35. 2010 : Conference Risky Entanglements? Contemporary research cultures imagined and 

practiced. University of Vienna 8-10, June, 2010. 

36. 2010 : Key Speaker – Creativity from the Global Perspective, “Transnational Path of Creative 

Careers in the Virtuoso World” Shanghai China, 18-20 October – Fudan University & 

Nordic Center. 

37. 2010 : Seminar (Invitation) – Department of Sociology, PENN University (Philadelphia PA) - 

"Walking is not always going straight right, sometimes it is step back… Women in science - their 

problems and challenges from Polish perspective" – 12 November 

38. 2010 : Seminar (Invitation) – Harvard University Department of the History of Science– 

“Studying Scientists’ Careers - Between Sociology and History of Science”. 7 December. 

39. 2011: Seminar (Invitation) – Annual Meeting of Polish Institute of Arts and Science of America 

(PIASA); „Polish Scientists in America. The perfect example of Transmobility.“ Washington 

DC, USA, the 10th June. 

40. 2011: „Between the Hell and the Paradise. Emotional Aspects related with the Geographic 

Mobility of Life-Science researchers“. Conference „Emotions in Everyday Life“ – University of 

Lodz, Poland, the 16th June. 

41. 2011: Key panel participant (invitation) – Polish Academy of Science – New Open University 

Conference – „About the debate on the reform in Polish High Education“ – Warsaw, 17th 


42. 2011: „Who is the true Researcher here? The dynamic of the relatoinships between the ‚hard‘ 

and ‚soft‘ scientists.“ ESA Conference – Social Relations in Turbulent Times, Geneva, Suiss, 6-8 


43. 2011: „The socialization into the Transmobility (in the Social World of life-science laboratory 

Researchers). ESA Conference – Social Relations in Turbulent Times, Geneva, Suiss, 6-8 September. 

44. 2011: „Na pograniczu dyscyplin: socjologii pracy, socjologii nauki, antropologii i historii 

nauki – biografia w badaniach karier naukowców. (plenary) „Biographical Researches in Social 

Sciences“ – LÓDZ University – POLAND, 23-24 September. 

45. 2011: "Working in the Multicultural Team - the life-science research laboratories in the 21st 

Century." Invitation Conference organized by Center of Migration Research in Poznan (University 

of Adam Mickiewicz) as a part of European project REKRYAMARE. 

46. 2011: „Polish experiences on researcher’s mobility in the context of employment policy.” 

Invitation International conference organized by European Commission: Integration of third-

country national researchers; Hungary, Budapest; 15-16 November. 

47. 2012: „Publishing Locally & Dying Globally or Vice Versa? The problem of language strategy 

in publication of social sciences“ conference: Digital Media and Communication, key speaker 

China, Shanghai, FUDAN University - 9-10 June 2012. 

48. 2012: Uma analise sociopolitica sobre a mobilidade de cientistas e investigadores em Portugal 

e na Polonia Sociedade Crise e Reconficuracoes – 7 Congresso Portugues de Sociologia; Portugal, 

19-22 June, co-speaker with dr Emilia Araujo (Minho University/Portugal) . 

49. 2012: From Ethnography to Theory- new propositions in the research of careers: coupling 

career, hidden career and transmobility. Workshop: Career Development in Academia, Saint Petersburg, 

Russia, 5-6 Jully 2012 

50. 2013- Key-speaker – Opening Conference Speech- Changing Science - Exploring Organizational 

and Institutional Changes -Warsaw "Researcher's career in the 21st century -between 

global challenges and local context” 13/03/2013. German Embassy - Poland 

51. 2013 - Key speaker invitation - Researching Japan in Social Sciences and Humanities, "The 

extreme value of Extreme Cases - Japanese Culture" - Warsaw SWKS - 23, april 2013 

52. 2013 -Invitation -Sweden -Sodertorn University, Stockholm, Applying Bourdieu in the 

studies of transnationalism, mobility and migration; “Studying Transnational Phenomenon without

personal experiences - the power of collaboration - Abdelmalek Sayad & Pierre Bourdieu". 25 april 2012 

53. 2013 -International conference Bourdieu à la polonaise -"Sayad-Bourdieu =la double absence?" 

- Warszawa UW - 25 mai 2013, Poland. 

54. 2013 - ESA (European Sociological Association Conference) – Torino – Italy – Crisis Conflicts 

and Change – „Succeeding in Publishing Ethnography“ – 29/08/2013 

55. 2013 - ESA (European Sociological Association Conference) – Torino – Italy – Crisis Conflicts 

and Change – „Ghetto Laboratories – Cultural Diversity in the Laboratory World“ – 


56. 2013 - Polish Sociological Association Conference – „Co po kryzysie?“ -Szczecin – Invitation– 

„Mistrz-ucze.: przestarza.a relacja czy podstawa edukacji socjologicznej?“ (Master-Disciple 

relationship - an old fashion or the base for a sociological education?) 

57. 2013 - SSSS (Society for Social Studies of Science) Annual Meeting – San Diego CA, „Do 

we have time to be curious – The Permutations of Science Value in 21st Century“. 11/10/2013. 

58. 2013 – Invitation – TOK FM - radio broadcast – granting system in sciences; 1 nov and 13 

November, Poland 

59. 2014 - Invitation - University of Cagliari (Italy) the seminar with MA students - “The power 

of ethnographic research in creative settings” and the seminar with PhD students - “ ‘Cosmopolite’ 

science - research laboratories in the global world” - 10/11 March - visiting professor/short 


60. 2014 - Invitation - Meeting PAN - Polish Academy of Science - section International Brussels 

with EU Commission members -“Gender a la polonaise: dynamic situation of Polish 

Women in science” - 10.04.2014 

61. 2014 - Invitation - Biographical Conference 11 April, Institute of Advanced Studies - Warsaw 

-“What kind of ’choice’: political, economical or professional? The experience of the migrations 

of Polish scientists after the WWII.” 

62. 2014 - International Ethnographical Conference - Italy Bergamo - “In vivo” method in sociology 

Ethnography in the 21st Century - 5-7 June 2014 

63. 2014 -Meeting European Sociological Association -Research Network 20th Qualitative 

Methods -co-chair of session artistic occupations with Marie Buscatto and paper presentation 

“Writing Happy End: Virtual Back to the Field. Social media and internet used as data in completing 

life stories”; 28-30 August. 

64. 2014 -Invitation -Opening Key Lecture -“Knowing Everything -Evaluating nothing and 

Knowing Nothing Evaluating Everything - Science in 21st Century”; Conference European Association 

Science and Technology Study (EASTS) bi-annual meeting in Torun - “Situating Solidarity” 

- 16-19 September; 

65. 2014 Invitation - University of Cagliari (Italy) Erasmus Teaching Program the seminar with 

MA students - “Chicago School Tradition” and the seminar with PhD students - “ Ethnographic 

Methods” - 20-15 October - Erasmus Plus - visiting professor short term. 

66. Invitation -key lecture Warsaw University (PL) Rhetoric in the Knowledge Society, International 

Conference of the Society for Rhetorics - “Sociology of Excellence in the Knowledge 

Society” - 23-25 June, 2015. 

67. Conference -Borders: Transnational Scientific Mobility. Mobility of Researchers; Lisbon 

(PT) CICS.Nova, FCSH – Universidade Nova da Lisboa; “Transmobility a Cosmopolitan 

Process? Discriminations & Auto-discriminations of/by Transnational Professionals”; 10-11 September 


68. Invitation - key speaker international conference “L’amore & il dono ai tempi della contabilita” 

- Roma (It) Sapienza University - “When Agape is dying - extreme case study from post-comunist 

society”, 07 October, 2016. 

69. Invitation -Cambridge University (UK) Polish Perspective on Science Conference 2015 -

“Double Presence or Double Absence - Careers of Transnational Scientists in the 21st Century 

(Polish case studies)” - 28-31 October, 2015. 

70. Invitation - opening seminar lecture at New York University - Sociology Department - Sociology 

of Culture Seminar (Paul DiMaggio and Ido Tavory) - Ethnography of careers. 3/03/2016 

71. Invitation Kosciuszko Foundation- Sociology of Careers, Washington DC -USA -the 


72. Key note speaker - “Boredom Conference” - Warsaw, Poland, 2-4 June, 2016. 

73. Invitation - Seminar - book presentation -.......... at Eastern China Normal 

School University, Shanghai - China, 8/07/2016. 

74. Invitation - Workshop and Conference - “Gifted Children Studies” - Sociology of Creativity, 

Macao University, Macao, China, 12-15 July, 2016. 

75. Invitation - Science-Po Paris - Workshop “Social Class in Eastern Europe”; Paris 13/06/2017. 

76. Invitation - Disconnex Project - Warwick University/EHESS - “Summer of Sciences in Warsaw” 

- Institute of Sociology, Warsaw University (co-organizer) - “Where the Science is? Career 

or/and Knowledge - Inverse Pyramid Phenomenon.” 

78. Languaging Diversity Conference, Social Classes and Transnational Careers in the world of 

classical music. 28-30 September, 2017, Cagliari, Italy, 

79. Invitation - Marie Sklodowska-Curie - Medicina -Sciencea - Cultura - “Jak wyglda.aby droga 

naukowa Marii Sk.odowskiej-Curie w XXI wieku? Socjologia in vitro impresja anachroniczna” - 

6. 11. 2017. University of Warsaw. Poland 

80. Key Note Speaker - Ethics in Sciences - Conference of Polish Academy of Science - Ethics 

Committee -“Mistrz-ucze.. Ucze.-mistrz. Relacje -Etyka -Dynamika .wiata Akademii” -


81. Invitation 2018: “Learning from Refugees: Sinankunya as an efficient social cohesion model 

for divided Europe” with Ali Samakassy; Salerno, Social-one Conference “Sociological Imagination 

and Social Promotion”; 6-9 June, 2018. 

82. Invitation PARIS / EHESS et PAN (Polish Academy of Science) - “The Art of Inspiring Sociological 

Imagination: Everett Ch. Hughes - the hidden power of freedom” ; conference: - International 

Circulation of Knowledge and Culture Octobre 28/29 at EHESS. 

83. Invitation Leeds University UK- SSP Seminar Series -seminarium “Bauman and Refugees - 

Biography and Writing” 30 October 2018 

84. Invitation Seminaire- “Qui nous devons craindre? Socio-anthropologique reflexion sur la 

complexite de role de chercheur engages dans l’etude de terrains difficiles - Center of Migration 

Research / Pozna. Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza. 27 November 2018. 

85. Invitation Conference 100 years of “Polish peasant in Europe and in America” - - “The story 

of a bias. The successful career of the book which nobody read” Pozna., Uniwersytet Adama 

Mickiewicza, Wydzia. Pedagogiczny. 28/11/2018 

86. Key note speaker Leeds University -Bauman Institute -Sympozjum -Thinking in Dark 

Times - Assessing the Legacies of Zygmunt Bauman’s Work & LIFE; “ Lessons from Biography”. 

16 janvier 

87. Invitation - EHESS/Paris - IRIS -seminaire methodologique - “Quand une étude de terrain 

devient impossible… Camps pour les réfugies 2018/19 -Les limites et les dangers d’une approche 

in vivo.” 13 fevrier 

88. Invitation - EHESS/Paris - IRIS -seminaire de recherche- “La notion de classes dans les sciences 

sociales polonaises”. 13 February, 2019. 

89. Invitation -Colloque International -Musical Displacements, Economic Dispossession and 

Climate Change - “Limbo Class and Research Action” - Bayonne/France - EHESS, Basque Anthropological 

Research Institute on Music, PSL Universite (Paris), Columbia University (New 

York City); 23-25 May 2019. 

90. TALTECH -Tallinn, (Estonia) key note speaker- IASCUD -International Association for 

Science and Cultural Diversity - Workshop Diversity of scientific cultures during and after the 

Cold War - “Dynamics of career-coupling relationships. Master-disciple relationship patterns in 

the East and West research worlds.” Tallinn, June, 14, 2019. 

91. Cagliari University -Conference Scuola Democratica -Education and Post-Democracy; 

“HOPE: Preparing a Batter Future Together. Learning from Voluntary Activity with the Groups 

of Refugees” - Cagliari 6-9 June, 2019. 




1996 –2004: vice-president of Association Music Passion – organization of 35 classical music 

concerts (two concert tours with Young Polish-German Orchestra in Paris and Versailles – 

young students 12-22 years old – 58 person played and visited Paris during one week) – international 

project realized without institutional subventions; 

1999-2004: collaboration with Andre Malraux Association (preparation of one concert per year; 

among others: 100 Anniversary of birth of Max Aub – Paris 2001; concerts in Casablanca/Morocco 

– French Institute of Culture and in Paris, organization of first Festival of Young European 

Musicians – „Printemps de l’Europe“- Salle Cortau 2003); 

2003 – 2005: sociologist (part time) at CEA (Center for High Energy) in Saclay; 

Since 2007: sociologist (part time) at IIMCB (International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology) 

in Warsaw 

2008 – September: lectures for Science Festival in Warsaw (popularization of science) 

2009 – 15-17 June: lectures (methodology) in Workshop for High School students (Warsaw University) 

2009 – 19th September, Science Festival in Warsaw – “What Warsaw can learn from Chicago?– 

Urban Sociology”. 

2012-2013 – several presentations on the conferences devoted to the struggle for better conditions 

of work for scientists and academics in Poland – NOU movement and ON association 

(Nowe Otwarcie Uniwersytetu; Obywatele Nauki). 

Since 2012 - work in the Homeless Dogs Shelter with dogs and horses - VIVA International Association 

- Korabiewice/Poland. 

2017/2019: Arts for refugees in Italy “The movies we love” 

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