Bauman A Biography (2020/09)

Polity Press

Cambridge - UK

Medford - MA - USA

ISBN-10: 1509526862

Global thinker, public intellectual and world-famous theorist of ‘liquid modernity’, Zygmunt Bauman (1925-2017) was a scholar who, despite forced migration, built a very successful academic career and, after retirement, became a prolific and popular writer and an intellectual talisman for young people everywhere. He was one of those rare scholars who, grey-haired and in his eighties, had his finger on the pulse of the youth. 


This is the first comprehensive biography of Bauman’s life and work.  Izabela Wagner returns to Bauman’s native Poland and recounts his childhood in an assimilated Polish Jewish family and the school experiences shaped by anti-Semitism. Bauman’s life trajectory is typical of his generation and social group: the escape from Nazi occupation and Soviet secondary education, communist engagement, enrolment in the Polish Army as a political officer, participation in the WW II and the support for the new political regime in the post-war Poland. Wagner sheds new light on the post-war period and Bauman’s activity as a KBW political officer. His eviction in 1953 from the military ranks and his academic career reflect the dynamic context of Poland in 1950s and 1960s. His professional career in Poland was abruptly halted in 1968 by the anti-Semitic purges. Bauman became a refugee again - leaving Poland for Israel, and then settling down in Leeds in the UK in 1971. His work would flourish in Leeds, and after his retirement in 1991 he entered a period of enormous productivity which propelled him onto the international stage as one of the most widely read and influential social thinkers of our time.  


Wagner’s biography brings out the complex connections between Bauman’s life experiences and his work, showing how his trajectory as an ‘outsider’ forced into exile by the anti-Semitic purges in Poland has shaped his thinking over time.  Her careful and thorough account will be the standard biography of Bauman’s life and work for years to come.

Producing Excellence
The Making of Virtuosos (2015)

Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, NY, USA




Driven by a passion for music, for excellence, and for fame, violin soloists are immersed from early childhood in high-pressure competitions, regular public appearances, and arduous daily practice. An in-depth study of nearly one hundred such children, Producing Excellence illuminates the process these young violinists undergo to become elite international soloists.
A musician and a parent of a young violinist, sociologist Izabela Wagner offers an inside look at how her young subjects set out on the long road to becoming a soloist. The remarkable research she conducted—at rehearsals, lessons, and in other educational settings—enabled her to gain deep insight into what distinguishes these talented prodigies and their training. She notes, for instance, the importance of a family culture steeped in the values of the musical world. Indeed, more than half of these students come from a family of professional musicians and were raised in an atmosphere marked by the importance of instrumental practice, the vitality of music as a vocation, and especially the veneration of famous artists. Wagner also highlights the highly structured, rigorous training system of identifying, nurturing, and rewarding talent, even as she underscores the social, economic, and cultural factors that make success in this system possible.
Offering an intimate portrait of the students, their parents, and their instructors, Producing Excellence sheds new light on the development of exceptional musical talent, as well as draw much larger conclusions as to “producing prodigy” in other competition-prone areas, such as sports, sciences, the professions, and other arts. Wagner’s insights make this book valuable for academics interested in the study of occupations, and her clear, lively writing is perfect for general readers curious about the ins and outs of training to be a violin soloist.


Producing Excellence (2014)

East China Normal University Press

Shangai, China




作者: 伊莎贝拉•瓦格纳
译者: 黄炎宁
出版年: 2016-2
装帧: 平装
丛书: 薄荷实验
ISBN: 9787567522121


Паганини, Крейслер, Вивальди — гениальные композиторы и виртуозы. Их жизненный путь — мечта и образец для многих юных дарований, которые с ранних лет вступают в гонку за привилегированные позиции, пытаясь построить карьеру профессиональных солистов-скрипачей. Страсть, стремление к идеалу и к исполнению, высокие амбиции и исключительная конкуренция — все это лишь немногие аспекты жизни талантливых детей, того мира музыкальной элиты, с которым знакомит нас Изабелла Вагнер. Ее книга — удивительное исследование длительного процесса воспитания высококлассного скрипача, основанное на изучении десятков реальных людей, чьи судьбы не оставляют равнодушным никого.

ISBN 978-5-04-095008-9

Создать совершенство.

Через тернии к звездам: как рождаются

виртуозы (2019)

EKSMO - Moscow, Russia

Becoming Transnational Professional
Kariery i mobilność (2011)

Polski Wydawnictwo Naukowe Warszawa, Poland




(in engl.: The Mobility and Career of the Young Elite of Polish Science)


Becoming Transnational Professional to ksiazka o tym, w jaki sposob osoby zajmujace sie nauka staja sie czlonkami miedzynarodowej spolecznosci badaczy, jak z lokalnego, wyksztalconego glownie w jednym systemie edukacyjnym naukowca rodzi sie miedzynarodowy specjalista funkcjonujacy w przestrzeni ponadnarodowej czy ponadpanstwowej. Kariery polskich intelektualistow sa podstawa analizy procesu awansu zawodowego przedstawionego w niniejszej ksiazce. Autorka przez wiele lat obserwowala prace mlodych polskich naukowcow na czolowych zagranicznych uniwersytetach i w laboratoriach. Przeprowadzila tez ponad sto wywiadow z laureatami prestizowych stypendiow. Powstala ksiazka nie tylko dla mlodych adeptow przygotowujacych sie do pokonywania kolejnych szczebli kariery akademickiej i naukowej. Przystepny jezyk i liczne cytaty z rozmow z badaczami, jak i opisy wielu roznorodnych sytuacji zyciowych sprawiaja, iz moze ona zainteresowac cale srodowiska akademickie


Sociology of Careers

Creative Occupations

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